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Why am I here?

You are an astronaut. You had to jump off your spaceship during its landing to an unknown moon, and now, you need to reach it before you run out of oxygen. Hurry up!


  • Gamepad: use D-pad to move left and right; one of the action buttons to jump.
  • Keyboard: use arrow keys to move left and right; space bar to jump.

What's this game's origin?

It's my compo entry for Ludum Dare 38. Made by one person in less than 48 hours. All assets have been created from scratch. It has no sounds as I ran out of time to add them. There are some small control issues, but in general it works really well :-)

What's up with those graphics?

I'm not an artist, and one of the rules for the compo was that all assets had to be created by me, so I decided to draw them in paper, using my kids' color pencils. It was especially challenging and gratifying drawing all frames for the astronaut's animations. Nothing less than six frames! Impressive :-D


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Escape From A Moon v0.2 - Mac OS 55 MB
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Escape From A Moon - Mac OS 43 MB
Escape From A Moon - Windows 39 MB 32 MB

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