v0.2 released

I've been working on a few improvements for this little game. It is still lacking some things, like sound and many improvements that I might eventually implement. But for this release, these have been the changes:

  • Control improvements: now the character jumps higher, the control while jumping is more accurate, and jump responsiveness has been dramatically improved
  • Visual improvements: all character's sprites have been cleaned up (no residual pixels)
  • New "slipping" behaviour: when the character is slipping down a slope, he will react accordingly (basically, a new 1-frame animation has been added)

Remember you can collaborate on this development as it is an open source project!


Escape From A Moon v0.2 - Mac OS 55 MB
Oct 01, 2017
Escape From A Moon v0.2 - Windows 41 MB
Oct 01, 2017
EscapeFromAMoon_v0_2_WebGL.zip Play in browser
Oct 01, 2017

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