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You feel alone

In a desperate wave of loneliness, you sign up in a new social network to meet new friends, but... Will you remember all those faces?


  • Touchscreen: just touch. Wherever.
  • Keyboard: use spacebar for everything.

What's this game's origin?

It's our entry for Global Game Jam 2017. The theme was "Waves". We thought of a character waving at people on the street, and ended up with this idea. The Global Game Jam is not a competition, but we won the Best Visuals Award in our local jam site, GranadaJam, yaaay! :-D

Meet the Bahamut Team

We were a team of 6 people. Some of us knew each other before the jam, but we first met the others just before starting it. We decided that our team was going to be called Bahamut Team. Meet the team members, from left to right in the photo:

  • Adri Portillo (programming)
  • Elior "Vanilino 6" Dumont (music, sound FX)
  • Valerio Sevilla (programming)
  • Jesús Rodríguez (graphic design)
  • Beatriz Bustamante (graphic design)
  • Alejandro Molina (programming)

The game design was performed by the whole team :-)

Additional comments

The game had some limitations and issues when released for the GlobalGameJam. Some improvements and fixes have been made afterwards, but it is still a bit buggy. Anyway, we hope you enjoy giving it a try!

You can download both the original version and the latest one from this page.

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Wavebook Windows (v0.2) 33 MB
Wavebook Mac (v0.2) 39 MB
Wavebook Linux (v0.2) 36 MB
Wavebook Android (v0.2) 58 MB
Wavebook Windows (GGJ17 version) 31 MB
Wavebook Mac (GGJ17 version) 36 MB
Wavebook Linux (GGJ17 version) 33 MB

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