Countless v2.2 in progress (2)

OMG, this is taking much more time than expected. It's been... 105 days since my last dev log, and actually, most of the development was ready by then.

During these months I haven't had much time to progress, but I wanted to share a new dev log to let you all know that this is still in progress and that all the functionality and bug fixes I wanted to include have been done. Everything that's left is the boring stuff, like preparing each release and facing some final platform-specific issues (there always are).

Anyway, there is a very cool new feature that I implemented after the previous dev log: special effects available for the player to unlock from the store. These special effects are made with shaders and get combined with your currently activated skin. Also, there is now a dynamic background, created with a shader as well. Much cooler now!

My plan is to release this new version in the next few weeks. Once I have the release ready, I will publish another dev log.

And remember... keep counting!

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