Countless v3.0 is out

I'm pleased to announce that Countless v3.0 has been released on iOS, Android and WebGL (which can be played right here).

Initially it was going to be Countless v2.2, but took longer than expected and given the amount of improvements included in this version, I finally decided to go for 3.0. There are many improvements in all aspects of the game:

  • Visually more dynamic, with a moving background and more compelling screen title.
  • Many new skins to unlock.
  • Now there are many more chances to get coins, and the way ads are offered (always with a reward) has been changed, so now you can see a video directly from the title screen if you want to get more coins. But if you watch several videos in a row, you will have to wait more time.
  • All in-game store prices (with virtual, in-game coins) have been revised.
  • Two new special, dynamic skins to unlock, that are combined with the static skin of your choice.
  • New language! Thanks to my good friend Yoonkyung, the game now features Korean language.
  • Touch response has been improved.
  • Multiple bugs fixed.

Unfortunately, I had to disable Google Play Games for the Android version due to technical issues. It may come back in the future, but I cannot guarantee this.

This is it. I hope you enjoy this new version.

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Oct 27, 2019

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